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Industrial Scales >> FS-I Series
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The FS-i Series features an ultra-fast weighing response of just 0.5 secs with three comparator lights to easily identify weighing results and improve productivity. Display unit and weighing pan are enclosed in an IP65 approved waterproof stainless steel housing for easy clean-up

  • Large, Bright Comparator Lights — Red (LO), Green (OK), & Yellow (HI)

  • Three Resolution Levels — Up to 1/17,500 resolution allows for high precision weighing with tight tolerance specifications.

  • 60-Segment Adjustable Analog Sweep Display

  • 100-Item Data Memory

  • 18 mm high LCD Display with Backlight

  • Tilting Display Head with Digital Keypad • Preset Tare

  • Multiple Weighing Units: g, kg, lb, oz, and lb-oz

  • Stainless Steel Construction

  • Waterproof to IP-65 Standard

Product Specifications subject to change without notice. Images used are for illustrative purposes.

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