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Retail Scales >> BC 4000 L2
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  • High Precision

    • Minimum graduation is 1g for 3/6kg capacity or 2g for 6/15kg capacity
    • Maximum weighing capacity is 15kg (For 6kg/15kg capacity)
    • Large platter surface

    Bright display with distinct visual effects

    • Displayed message can be viewed even from an oblique direction
    • Clear figure display

    Memory Expansion

    • Memory capacity can be expanded to maximum 4MB. (Standard: 2MB)
    • * Based on a 4MB scale with 20 character description per each PLU

    Easy Operation

    • Light touch on the numeric keys
    • 170 preset keys
    • Various preset functions and PLU can be assigned to normal operation keysheet.

Product Specifications subject to change without notice. Images used are for illustrative purposes.

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