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  FG - 150 KAL
  FG - 60 KBM
  FS-I Series
  ISHIDA IW Series
  OHT 600
  Crane Scales
  Floor Scales
  AP Series
  BC 4000 L2
  SF 15 KA and 30 KA
  HV-G HW-G Series
  Cash Register
  A&D FX I / FXi WP
  GR Series 202
  GR 120
At Stanton Scales, we look after you all the way. From helping you select the right product to offering you the best price, technical support and after sales service - you are in good hands with Stanton Scales. We also help you in choosing the right upgrade for your existing equipment. Our trained technicians will ensure trouble-free operation of your weighing equipment purchased from Stanton Scales.

If you wish to hire any weighing equipment, let us know. At Stanton Scales, we have a range of machines available on hire at cost effective charges.
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